Meredith Bliss Consulting

I’m a proud former elementary teacher and nonprofit leader. I’m a practitioner at heart, a listener, an executor, a synthesizer, a support.


I believe management is an immense privilege and an even bigger responsibility: to ourselves, to our teams, to broader communities. It takes skill, practice, feedback, input, vulnerability, and reflection.

As a long-time Adjunct Trainer with The Management Center, I have been on the ground floor with thousands of managers and leaders looking to build their skills, grow their toolboxes and learn from a coach. For nearly a decade, I’ve taught mission-driven leaders the fundamentals of great management, in-person and online, and have provided just-in-time coaching support to thousands of people managers. I pride myself on being practical, tactical, empathetic, and kind. I aspire to help you be a better – more equitable, more clear, more curious, more kind, more skilled – version of yourself.


My aim is to make the hard work easier: to lighten the load, help practitioners feel clearer, less stuck, less alone, lighter on their feet, more confident in moving forward.